Marvelling at Marvel’s Superhero Army

Miss Romanova looked quite ravishing in the black dress and the auburn ringlets. Her face was painted with the pinkish flavour of womanhood. That was her business look, and she was, in fact, negotiating, at that time. For those who are the disciples of Different, loved her negotiating style. The outcome, at least. Yeah… Being tied to a chair, slanted toward a chasm, ending in hard floor, is not exactly a joyride. Yet, she was able to make the white-haired negotiator bleed, when she danced around with the wooden chair, hitting everything that came in the way. It was perfect choreography on her part.
And then, you see Agent Hill work as an obedient minion, all the while, yelling inside your head, That’s Robin Scherbatschy! That’s Robin Scherbatschy!
Then, dear brothers and sisters of Hindustan, you never expected The Incredible Hulk to treat leprosy patients in Calcutta and also fall for the fibs of a little Bengali girl, and in the end, that of Miss Romanova, did you?
Captain America’s broad shoulders… That’s enough, isn’t it?
Too bad we got to see sweet Miss Pepper Potts only for a while. How long do you think it was? Say… twelve percent of the whole duration?
Mr. Stark burst in to aid Captain America, in Germany, with a head-banging song playing in the background. “Shoot to thrill! Play to kill! Too many women, with too many pills, yeah!” AC/DC! Electrifying, it was, though there were more electrifying moments. Loki was dressed in the form of a poet of the Dark Ages. Hawkeye was haunting, with his sky blue eyes, and clay-like face.
Why was Thor continuously defending Loki? That was his way of bringing him back to positivity? Anyway, who has the guts to question the Scandinavian demigod of thunder? I do, but only in print. A blow of that hammer would smash your brain and why would you want to wave goodbye to your intellect?
Speaking of smashing, you have got to agree with me, that the best dialogue was Captain America’s orders to Hulk. “And Hulk… Smash.”
Loki’s nasal tones of “I will not be beaten up by –” Whoops. Sorry, Loki. Hulk smashed ya!
And when Iron Man lay on the street, eyes closed, us unaware of his respiratory state, there was a prayer hanging on our hearts, wishing Iron Man to flutter open his eyes and speak in his cocky, white manner again. He could not die in THIS movie. No. He needed his own movie to bid farewell to his fans. Even then, we wouldn’t allow it.
Thank God for Hulk, yet again. One “Rawwwwwwrrrrr!” and Iron Man was made of iron again. He was back!
Captain America got his much-deserved hyperventilating survivors.
There was Mickey Rourke again, with his one-liner.
Iron Man’s face lay blotted perfectly on the walls of our nation, with heroic things about him written in Hindi.
And hence, there came to life, a movie with a universal approach. A movie, made in America, which does not imply that superheroes save the Americans only. And that America is the only place which is in danger, all the time.
The movie theatre cleared. The music resonated, displaying the cast members. And then… There was the arachnid villain, hissing an epilogue, hinting about the continuation of the story. The hall was cleared, by that time, and I stood, near the door, my head vertically tilted to watch the shadowy ending.
The lesson, the very obvious moral, was staring me right in the face.
You don’t simply walk out of a Marvel movie, before the end of the concluding credits.Image


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