Honestly, they just sound better on “Glee”!

The following songs have vintage value and are, no doubt, gold. They are a million times better than most of the music we have today. But what do you get when you combine these classics and the extremely talented performers from “Glee”? Uh huh, much shinier gold. These are some songs which Glee helps make sound better and more appealing to the audience of today.

“Anything Goes/ Anything You Can Do”


Ah! The amalgamation of “Anything Goes” from the musical “Anything Goes” and “Anything You Can Do” from “Annie Get Your Gun” contains Broadway flavour as well as the shine of modernity. The number was performed by Lindsay Pearce, a.k.a. Harmony, in Season 3, at the time of the Purple Piano Project.

“River Deep, Mountain High”


You have to admit that even though Tina Turner is one to be awestruck by and respected, her version of “River Deep, Mountain High” sounded… well, somewhat faded. The Glee version by Naya Rivera a.k.a. Santana and Amber Riley a.k.a. Mercedes was fresh, spectacular and the ladies hit notes which made the heart leap! This featured in Season 2.

“Poker Face”


I was never the biggest fan of Lady Gaga, and am always partial when it comes to one of my favourite women of Broadway – Idina Menzel, a.k.a. Shelby Corcoran, Rachel’s birth mother. The duet by her and Lea Michele was nothing less than lovely. This heart-warming version is featured in Season One.

“Papa Don’t Preach”

 don't preach

Dianna Agron sang this version beautifully and personally, the trauma her character, Quin, was going through, what with having Puck’s child while dating Finn, added a flavour to this song which made it sound… well, better.

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

cold outside

The song simply sets you in a mellow mood! Well, this is a Christmas song, so there were a million versions, but something about the Glee version – something about the youth, maybe – gets to you. This song was featured on Season 2, sung by Darren Criss a.k.a. Blaine and Chris Colfer, a.k.a. Kurt.

Next up: Which songs were ruined by Glee. But that’s another story. Till then, au revoir.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Yea well I was never a fan of Glee. However I think the only episode I watched was when Matt Bomer made a guest appearance as Blaine’s (Darren Criss) brother and sang ‘Somebody I Used To Know’. Oh man, he was sooo hot! How can a person be so charming, talented and uber sexy all at the same time?! *________________*
    *blush blush*


    1. thehuewoman says:

      I know that episode! Darren and he sang a “Rio” and “Hungry Like A Wolf” mash-up there! He’s stellar in “White Collar”. Neal Caffrey. Ah, faints. ❤


      1. Ahh trust me, I’d be lucky to spend a night in the cell with such a sexy con man! 😉


      2. thehuewoman says:

        Oh, I can guess. xD


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