Losing Comedy Central.. *tears*

When I started watching Comedy Central, it had the best shows and owing to my post-exam free time, I literally spent hours before the television, watching “Hope and Faith”, “Hot in Cleveland”, “The ’70s Show”, “Ugly Betty” and “The Wonder Years”. 
I like “The Wonder Years” the most. The witty commentary is amazing and thank Heavens, they do not play the sound of people laughing every time something even mildly funny happens. Plus, “The Wonder Years” tells you a lot about how America was in the 1970s. I, for one, am a hugely enthusiastic about knowing about America at that age. And with every person in the world adopting the American touch in their speech and attitude, it is refreshing to watch the real deal at times. 

Now, tragedy hit when these shows started fading from the daily schedule. They started airing programs like “Are We There Yet?”, “Anger Management” and “Suits”. 
“Are We There Yet?”, in a nutshell of criticism, is a complete bore. It is childish and way too alkaline for the taste of those who are used to hard-core comedy, what with being fascinated by “Friends” and the shows mentioned at the beginning. 
“Anger Management” is boring as well. It has its moments with little snippets of funny dialogues, but there is no gripping feature, which will make you sit and watch it till the end. 
And, lastly, law shows are not my cup of tea and I doubt “Suits” fits into the Comedy Central watchers’ digestive system. 

They have also started airing the roast sessions, where comedians mock their peers. And I think it is… well, unnecessary. A feel-good comedy show or a no-brainer sitcom would be more enjoyable. 
And I am getting tired of “Saturday Night Live”. Sure, they are bringing in exciting hosts like Christoph Waltz and Ben Affleck, but the comedy is more nonsensical than funny, nowadays. Hey, don’t get me wrong. I love SNL. I love how the host greets the audience, Weekend Update with Seth Meyers. I wish it were more interesting. The additions to the cast, like Cecily Strong and Aidy Bryant. 

The real good shows reached their end, and I do miss them. It would be really nice to watch “The ’70s Show” gang goof up the place and Kevin Arnold preach us his philosophies on a daily basis. 
I wish they would air more old school shows. Sometimes, you get tired of the toxic sarcasm that makes up the maximum of sitcom dialogues, and you want something else, some authentic comedy, like M*A*S*H. 


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  1. Stuti Pachisia says:

    This is my opinion about the channel, exactly! And you aren’t being mean- you are balancing the good and the bad with perfect poise- better than what most people do; and then some.
    I love the way you’ve exercised an accurate opinion while subtly voicing your recent dislike for the channel- whilst counterbalancing it with your erstwhile liking for it. That is what good reviewers do, and you aren’t ‘just’ good- you are brilliant! 😀


    1. thehuewoman says:

      Stuti… That means a lot. I know I keep saying that, but it really does mean a LOT. 😀
      Thanks, for commenting AND flattering.


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