I’m sorry: confessions of an amateur blogger

My blog was supposed to be my writing space. It was supposed to be my canvas for spilling the flurry of colours of my muses. THIS was how I was supposed to write here. However, being an amateur blogger and reading up on blogging on several places on the Net, as much as they helped me, they hindered my flow as well. 

1. I should have known that blogging veterans are not dictators 

The advice that several bloggers give you are to help you, not dictate the way you run your blog. So, it was nothing less than silly of me to do as they said. After all, your blog is YOUR blog. They are only trying to help, and those are simple guidelines, not rules! 

2. I should have paid more attention to the author of my blog 

That’s right. Blogs are, no doubt, focused on what the readers want, but that never means that it should phase out who the author is. Then what’s the point on having this blog, if its sole focus is to attain as many views as possible? It should call out to the people. It should be ME calling out to the people. 


3. I should have loved my blog more 

… Instead of pining for other people to love it, and thereby, making it suffer. 

Yes, it’s true. My relationship with my blog started fading. In a relationship, each one should focus on the other. It should never have to be a duty. For those who are reading this, regard this as a renaissance, a rekindling of an author-blog relationship, after a small conflict. From this moment, all my posts will be written with the greatest amount of interest. 
And a lot of love! 



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