A series of black and white photographs

Recently, there has been a challenge going around Facebook, in which photographers and photography enthusiasts alike, were to post five black and white photographs in the span of five days.

I thought of taking them on a journey.


This is taken in Venice, while we were waiting for our gondolas. The man in the picture is my father.


This is taken in St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. The silent caption in this photograph is supposed to be : ‘God, show me the light.’


Now, this is taken near Prince Albert Museum and the Royal Albert Hall, in London. This is the first place we visited on our European soujourn.


Ah, now this was taken in paradise. No, really. What else would you call the mystical, misty expanse of air even higher above The Swiss Alps?

Thank you, Swiss Rotair.


And finally, somewhere closer to home. This holds, albeit dfferent, but as sensuous value as a getaway in Europe, because if one takes the time to explore, then one can find, that the Portuguese still remain in Goa, in spirit.

This is shot in Colva beach, in sunset. Oh, the sunsets.

If anyone else would like to take up this project of posting five photographs in B/W, do be my guest.


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  1. moneedeepa says:

    Taking up the project to post 5 black and white photographs. 🙂

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